The Steakout Story


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The Steakout’s story is one that begins over 30 years ago…

From the very beginning, we have strived to provide the utmost experience for each and every one of our guests. The Steakout is family-owned, so we are here every single night to ensure that you feel like a part of our clan—whether you’re a regular, or stopping by for the first time! Our famous grill overlooking the dining room provides constant entertainment and mouth-watering aroma, while all of our handpicked steaks and chops are perfectly prepared to your liking by either Andrew or Bobby.

At The Steakout, an indulgent entrée includes same-day baked Italian bread, a freshly chilled relish tray, complimentary soup or salad and complimentary choice of our many sides. As our guest, service or quality isn’t sacrificed for cost, separating us from the other high-end alternatives. Whether you’ve been dining here for your entire life or have always been curious to stop by, remember that The Steakout is your dining room table away from home.